About Candis Carmichael - coffee with candis carmichaelAbout Candis Carmichael, CSA, CMP, CEM
REALTOR @ Charles Rutenberg Realty
Marketing Mastermind @ Planner In A Box, Inc.

Writing about me is always a challenge. What do you say to generically introduce yourself to random people? I have a diverse work history (from legal assistant to media buyer to events marketer to REALTOR) and even wider variety of hobbies (scuba diving, knitting, volunteering, crafting, baking, traveling).

My philosophy: Learn something new every day. If you’r not learning, you’re not growing. That’s been my guide from the beginning. It has lead me on some great adventures and allowed me to pick up loads of random knowledge. I’ve been skydiving, swam with sharks in Tahiti, spent a month in Spain and a few weeks in France. I saw Lord of the Rings in Barcelona, wandered the halls of an old German castle.

The various experiences in my life and the unique portfolio of work I’ve amassed have helped me develop a very unique perspective and approach to, well, everything. I like to call it a sort of “left-brain”/”right-brain” melded mash-up. It’s kind of like mixing math with art!

Events Marketing (Experiential Marketer, Event Creator…you get the idea)

Most of my work career has been spent in marketing – specifically in experiential (events) marketing. I spent years developing opportunities for engagement among business professionals as well as creating educational programs for trade associations. It was also critical to put the team members I worked with in front of the right connections for business development. This meant creating a roadmap of industry-relevant events where we should be showcasing our clients and our company. It was exciting to work with some top brands, including eBay Advertising, StubHub, Sam’s Club and CVS

Real Estate Concierge (Sales Associate, REALTOR…whatever you call it)

After taking a short sabbatical and a wee bit of “soul-searching,” I realized it was time for a change. It was time to take my experience and expertise and apply it to a field where I would be able to make a one-on-one impact. I decided to enter residential real estate sales. My customer-centric nature and creative approach made this a natural transition. This new direction provided an outlet for me to help families with making every day memories that the would cherish for a lifetime. Since I don’t believe in one-size fits all philosophies, I’m able to listen, for the unique features that make my customers feel “home” when we locate the perfect gem for them.

As a second-generation real estate professional, I grew up with a family who were real estate agents and certified general appraisers. It’s in my blood. Now with nearly 15 years’ experience in corporate marketing and meeting management in my toolbox, I’m excited to be able to apply my assortment of knowledge and skills to an industry I am passionate about.